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7 packing mistakes that you must avoid when moving   

Moving house is a huge project; it requires thorough planning. Packing is an important part of moving, and it is the most time-consuming part of the whole process as well. In order to have a smooth and quick move to your new home, you should avoid the following packing mistakes.

Not having a strategy

You should have a particular strategy of packing. If you do it randomly, you will make lots of mistakes. You should make a packing schedule for each day so that you don’t rush into it later. You should allow enough time for packing to make sure that you move everything and don’t leave out anything important. You should have a day-to-day packing task for each day. You should prioritize the tasks. You should start packing from the room you useless every day. It is better to start packing the large household items first, like the furniture.

Not getting help for packing

Many people think that they will be able to do the packing themselves, but end up in a mess. So, it is better that you ask for help during the early stage of packing. You can ask your friends or family members to help you. If your budget allows, then you can hire professional packers. They are highly trained and can do the work perfectly.

Doing packing at the end

You should neve leave packing till the last minute. This can be dangerous; you may leave behind your important stuffs. You should start packing as soon as possible to avoid stress.

Not having adequate packing supplies

Many people fail to get enough packing supplies for the packing. It is always better to have more packing supplies in store than you need. You can get the packing materials from the local removal company. You can get boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, packing tape, etc.

Packing without sorting

You should first sort the items. You should decide which item will go to which room; that way it will be easy for you to unpack and find things that you need quickly. You should think about your budget for moving, the time needed to move and the space available in the new house to keep your stuff.

Packing forbidden items

There are many things you cannot transport to another place. You should know what these items are. Hazardous items like any explosives cannot be carried. The removals company won’t transport such items. Many removals company have restrictions on transporting perishable foods, pets, and plants as well. You should make sure what things these companies are forbidden to transport before you hire them.

Not packing an essential items box

You should always have an essentials box packed so that when you move to the new house, you can take out your important things instantly.

You should try to avoid these mistakes when packing. It will save you time and money. You will have to do less work also. Planning well before packing will help you to complete your moving process smoothly.

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ByJames Green

5 rules to plan your office removals

Relocating an office is a big decision. It needs lots of planning, time and money. You should never underestimate the time and money; you should plan well so that you know what tasks you need to do before moving. Here are the five rules for planning your office removals.

Prepare well

Preparation means searching for good premises. You should consider the location and size of your company. You should look for a suitable new location at least 4 to 6 months before your moving date.

Set up the budget

Office moving involves lots of items. Some items need special care. You should let the moving professionals to take inventory. You must also get a correct quote for the service. Otherwise, you might end up paying more than you expected. You should also take the movers to your new location so that they know the access points and entrances that will allow them to move the items comfortably to the new location. You should make sure that the company has proper insurance.

Make sure that the employees are trained

At least one month before the move, you should train your employees for the move. You should tell them what to expect. The mover will pay occasional visits to the office to inspect your office items.

Be prepared all the time

You should be prepared for any circumstances. You should be realistic in setting timelines for the movers. You should know how long it will take to move to the new location.

Hire experts

You should hire experienced movers, even if they charge a little more. There are many important things in the office that must be taken care of. Only the experts can do the job well.

The process of moving office is more critical than that of moving home. You should plan thoroughly so that all your office items are safely transferred to the new location, and you can start your regular office work as early as possible.

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5 tips to find a good removals company

When you are moving home you need to hire a professional removals company so that your work becomes easy. Though some people prefer packing and moving themselves, professional moving companies can be very helpful. They will make your life easier. There are many removals companies now; as a result competition is high. Here are some tips to choose a good removals company.

They have a permanent address and a land phone number

You should first make sure that the company has a permanent address and a land phone number. This will ensure that the company is genuine and you will be able to reach them anytime you need to.

Find out about their accreditations

Do some research on whether they are a member of any associations or not. Companies that are accredited by many companies are trustworthy.

Ask for written quote

Don’t accept a company that gives you a verbal quote; ask for a written quote. This will tell you how much money you might need to spend for moving. In case the actual cost comes out to be significantly different from the quote then you will be able to ask for an explanation.

Check out if they have insurance

When you are hiring a company for moving your belongings to a different location, they are going to be responsible for the safe transportation of your belongings. So, you must make sure that they have proper insurance for their work. To see various rates for insurance companies in australia – visit compare the market.

Read reviews and testimonials

One way to judge whether a company is good or bad is to read reviews and testimonials. This will give you an opinion about how good they are. It will, therefore, give you the peace of mind.

You should not hurry in taking your decisions. You should take time and make sure that you choose the right company for your home or office moving work.

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